This is Madalitso..

Welcome back to all you fabulous readers!..In our previous blog, we had given you the fundamentals on what we’re about.. So now in the upcoming blogs you’ll get to know who we are! Six bloggers on a mission! Giving you some lovely insights of our daily life with our Muizenberg love story..

Life from a distance..

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is unfortunately having a huge impact in daily lives. All these restrictions are still taking place with the main factor being social distancing. So surfing social distancing is definitely your best defense. It is a non-contact sport and surfers are pretty much already good at it!

However, people from across the world have introduced some pretty amazing forms of communication. The virtual world. With these new technologies we are able to give you an awesome surfing experience and much much more..

Madalitso Mizeck, worker at the Castle and one of our bloggers..
Lesson one..

We introduce to you Madalitso!.. Some of you might know him from your visits to the Castle. The quiet guy who’s always busy with either maintenance work or busy maintaining our beautiful garden. He is also a member of our blogging team and has an interest in learning to surf.

If learning to surf is also on your bucket list, then the Cape Coast Castle should be on top of that list!

Madalitso Mizeck was born in 1987 in the beautiful capital city of Lilongwe in Malawi. In 2011 he came to Cape Town and later in 2016 he joined the Castle and even up until today we are so privileged to have him on our team!

Apart from surfing, in our upcoming blogs, Madalitso will be giving you amazing ideas and tips on how you can touch up on your gardening skills and give you some DIY tips that’ll help you around the household without having to call „the guy“..

This is Madalitso working hard at maintaining the garden..
The adventure continues..

On our next adventure you can join us on and Muizenberg Chronicles and experience with Madalitso having his surfing first lesson. #Madalitsosurfinglesson..

Don’t forget to tune in because you’ll definitely miss out on all the fun!!..

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