Passing on the Cape!

Once again, we welcome back our loyal readers to the Castle.

In Endo Muizenberg love story we all have a little story to tell.. This week’s story is an extra special one, as we dive into deep waters with Peter Prochaska!

So who is Peter Prochaska?

Peter Prochaska known here as the „Sharp Shooter“..Well everyone who’s been to the Castle knows him as an amazing photographer, surfing instructor, mentor, humanitarian, lover of music, his family… Hey, the list goes on and on…

Peter Prochaska, member of the enDo universe

A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple as putting a coat around a little boy’s shoulder to let him know the world had’nt ended.. Batman

Here in Muizenberg when he suits up and rides the waves.. something fantastic happens..

Peter evolves into this superhero-like surfer with his surfboard-like craft. It gives him vast powers and capabilities. Not only when it comes to surfing also when he starts capturing golden moments on his camera around Muizenberg, where his lare is situated.

In every love story there’s a hero… And we know… heroes never give up, never surrender, never walk away. In some cases they do.. Sometimes life has become too tough.. Instead of thinking about their own needs, heroes are always worrying about the needs of others. And in this case, Peter devastatingly hangs up his cape.. Oh wait.. and also his wetsuit.. So does’nt a good guy like Peter Prochaska deserve a little happiness in the end?

Peter „The Sharp shooter“ Prochaska riding the waves..

The end?

Not by a long shot.. After several journeys of searching for someone to follow in Peter’s footsteps..We finally found someone who perfectly fits into his superhero cape.

So Peter passes on his cape to… Ah wait… Are you curious? Then stay tuned for the news.

The adventure continues..

On our next adventure you can find out to whom Peter will pass his super hero cape.

Don’t forget to tune in because you’ll definitely miss out on all the fun!!..

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